Jamglue Remixing for the Masses

By | 12 Gennaio 2007

 Jamglue – Remixing for the Masses, comunità on line per creare e condividere musica. Con un eccellente e semplice applicazione web quindi navigando con il browser (Internet Explorer o Firefox) potete creare e remixare le vostre canzoni, anche senza nessuna conoscenza musicale: l’interfaccia semplice vi guiderà passo per passo nella creazione del vostro brano.

Jamglue – Remixing for the Masses : Discover new music. Share your own music. Create personalized remixes. Glue it to the man!
Jamglue is a online community for creating and sharing music. We let you upload as much music as you want to our library, create mixes from music created by yourself or other people (as long as licenses match), and share your creations with the world!
One of the coolest things about Jamglue is that all the music on the site is remixable! If you like a mix that you’re listening to, just click the REMIX button to see how it was created. If you think that you would have done something different, put your money where your mouth is and save your own copy of the mix.


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